Ugh Blogging

So the thing is: I am not a blogger by nature. I love writing books. I love writing short stories. But when it comes down to blogging, I would rather spend my limited energy on fiction. I thought about writing quick reviews of books I’m reading (I do love reading), or movies I’m watching (I don’t like watching movies very much), or music I’m listening to, or recipes I’m trying, or pet shenanigans, or writing tips, or even my endless struggle with the mud pit that is my yard (this year I’m trying clover!) …. and honestly, it all starts to seem like noise. Just empty static. White noise.

I love social media, but oh my god there is so much of it! There’s so much of everything. It’s a constant hum in our minds–an endless source of distraction (some very delightful, some infuriating and worthy of rising to fight for) and honestly, if you’ve ever been in your house when all the power goes out… you know it’s an actual physical sound. The silence in a powerless house is remarkable.

There is so much noise. And in the end, I just don’t want to add to it without having something worth saying.

So primarily, this blog is a place-holder. If I have books to promote–mine or others–I’ll do it from here. If I have events I’m planning on attending, I will let people know here, as well as the inevitable twitter, facebook, and instagram.

Until then, peace and restful quiet to you all.

Photo by Josh Sorenson, courtesy of Pexels

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