Reconstruction AKA how I spent a bunch of my writing time.

So, one of the things I’ve been up to this spring is getting a book ready for self-pub.  All on my lonesome!  It’s terrifying!  But I found a great cover artist: Kate Marshall of KateMarshallDesigns.  And I found an equally great formatting group in EMTippets book design.  With them behind me, I felt more confident in going forward.  I’ve put out a few shorts on my own, but oh I am not good at the details….  Ghoulish Works nearly killed me getting that together, even with the cover art provided for me!  I must have screwed up the formatting a hundred times and had to start over repeatedly.

But anyway, RECONSTRUCTION!  This is a sequel to my novel Renovation, available from Blind Eye Books, and it’s the continuing adventures of JK Lassiter, psychic construction worker, and his BF, the adorable professor Nick Collier.  Together, they solve crime!  This should be going live for kindle in a matter of days, if I managed my end of things right.

2 thoughts on “Reconstruction AKA how I spent a bunch of my writing time.

  1. I will be certain to buy a copy. In March 2012 I discovered Shadows Inquiries. Sins & Shadows and Ghosts & Echoes. The following month I traveled to Texas from New York. A two day bus ride. Sins & Shadows in the carry-on. What a fun read! Am presently in the process of moving across town and planning another trip to Texas. Among all the books I found Sins & Shadows! Traveling by plane rather than bus but Sins & Shadows will be in the bag. Later Ghosts & Echoes will be reread before finally completing Shadows Inquiries. It’s a delight to learn “Lyn Benedict” has written more stories. One might think it all ended with Lies & Omens.


    1. Glad you’ve made Sylvie your traveling companion! I wish I had all the time in the world, because I have so many more Sylvie stories planned! I just have to find time for them.


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